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Sustainable Trewithen

Restoring, regenerating, and focused on future health – we’re taking a fresh approach to land management, both above and below ground.

Owning an estate like Trewithen is an enormous responsibility, as well as a fantastic opportunity.

We’re growing Trewithen for the next generation, leading the way in enhancing our environment while drawing on the wisdom of what’s gone before. This means looking at – and being inspired by – the past, to make the best decisions for the present and future.

Restorative and regenerative

Trewithen is very much a chemical-free zone: everything on our home estate, and within the surrounding land, is organic. It’s our goal that farming practices are always at least restorative, but most often regenerative.

To achieve this, we work to five principles:

  • Minimise disturbance to the soil, including inputs;
  • Always have live roots in the soil;
  • Cover the soil at all times;
  • Graze livestock;
  • Have a diversity of crops in the field.

A living landscape

A huge amount can be achieved by working with wildlife, rather than against it. The residents of our land also play a part in its overall wellbeing.

It’s for this reason that you might spot our herd of rare breed longhorn cattle. These are here as part of the practice of silvopasture: integrating woodland into foraging. Rather than relying on open pasture, which can be problematic, we use silvopasture because of its mutually beneficial effects. Trees form shelters for our cattle, while also producing forage for their diets. Elsewhere on the estate, we’re also supporting the natural ecosystem with a thriving bee population across five hives, with more coming soon.

We’ve embraced the huge task of making a generational record of condition for all natural capital on the estate, from soil health, water and air quality to birds, bats, beavers, and beyond. By doing this, and doing it seriously, we can be sure that our stewardship of the land only enhances our habitats and soil health. With climate challenges afoot, we’re facing them head-on.

Progressive thinking

While drawing on the wisdom of traditional practices, we’re also open to the potential of new technologies. We’ve undertaken a three-year project in partnership with the University of Exeter and Rothamstead Research to develop a bespoke software tool for farming. This tool will help our tenants and partners to make farming decisions that significantly enhance natural capital in a way that’s specific to an individual area. It is a hugely progressive piece of work with exciting potential for the future.

Sunlight shining through grasses at the Trewithen Estate in Cornwall

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