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Flower Show Success 2024

11 Trophies from 4 Flower Shows

The first few moths of 2024 have been wet! Very wet! The continuous, relentless rain has hampered many tasks within the gardens. What it hasn't done is dampen down our enthusiasm and drive when entering the four flower shows from March to April. Our run of success has led to a trophy triumph of 11 awards, 

First up....

RHS Rosemoor early 1

The Rosemoor Award for "Camellia, Best in Show" presented to our apprentice Mille 

RHS Rosemoor award

Camellia japonica 'R.L.Wheeler' "Best in Show"

RHS Rosemoor early 6

RHS Early Camellia competition

Early March saw the first "Flower Show" or as the RHS refers to the event "Flower Competition". The term "show" is used for events like the "Chelsea Flower show". 

Each competition attracts entries from all around the country with regular exhibitors from Exbury, Windsor great park, Marwood Hill, Trelissick and more.

Competition is always tough but as I (Gary) likes to say "It's not the taking part that counts but the winning!"

RHS Rosemoor early prep

Preparation back at our "Show Arena" (garage!)

RHS Rosemoor early 6

A selection of Camellia on display

During the week before any show we prepare the "Show arena" , also known as the "garage"! We place out bottles and buckets of water, prepare trays of fresh moss, check the show schedule, check which classes we have entered an have an idea of what and when to pick. 

A couple of days before the show we will pick foliage class entries, magnolia if entered and some Rhododendron. The day before a show is when we pick Camellia. We always try to pick several of each variety to allow for any imperfections to show. This could be from the weather with wind, rain even hail always a threat. 

On the day of the show we select the best from each variety, again with a "Back up" in case needed. We transport Camellia in old bread trays lined with fresh moss, Rhododendron either in buckets or in upside carboard boxes with small holes in to allow only the stems to go in with the leaves supporting the flower truss.

At the show we place each entry into its show vase and "stage" the exhibit on the show bench.

A tense wait then for judging then up to the stage to collect our awards....

Falmouth 2024 5

Falmouth spring flower show 2024

For the first time in over 30 years and to be honest probably even longer, we entered the Falmouth Spring flower show. We have no record of the last time we entered so thought we would give it a try.... 3 Trophies, 17 gold, 10 silver and 5 bronze medals later and Cups for "most points" in Camellia classes, Best "12 Camellia" and winner of Class 1 "A collection of trees and shrubs" 

I think we can call our first attempt a resounding success!

Falmouth 2024 2

Class 1 Falmouth spring show

Falmouth 2024 4

"A bowl of Camellia"

CGS show 2024 4

Cornwall Garden Society Spring Flower Show

The third flower show we attended was the largest. The Cornwall Garden Society Spring flower is regularly referred to as "The Chelsea Flower Show of the West". All the big Cornish gardens enter this show. We were up against the likes of Tregothnan, Caerhays, and Trebah to name a few! Class 1 is the "Blue-ribbon" event of the show. An "Unrestricted collection of outdoor, hardy ornamental trees, shrubs and climbers in a 1.5m, 3 tiered display..."

We had trophies for Class 1, Camellia sprays and the  variegated foliage class. Also apprentice Millie was encouraged to enter as a novice and came away with 3 trophies for Rhododendron, Camellia and foliage classes. (The first novice to win all 3 cups in one year!)

#Teamtrewithen did it again!

CGS show 2024 3

Class 1 entries

CGS show 2024 1cropped

Apprentice Millie and Sam Galsworthy collecting the winnings

RHS Rosemoor main 2

The RHS "Main Rhododendron competition with the RCMG SW group Camellia competition" at RHS Rosemoor

The last show on our "world tour" (of Cornwall and Devon) took place at RHS Rosemoor in early April.

Our main focus at this competition is the retention of the Trewithen Cup for most points in the Camellia classes. It has been awarded 7 times and we have won it 6 times (with the only time we didn't win it was last year when when didn't attend the show and Windsor great park took it away from us!)

Bad weather including wind, rain and even hail on the build up to the show had us worried! The team left the estate, after 2 hard days picking, at 3am on the Saturday of the show. After staging and a nervous wait we retained "Our" cup. 

A massive thank you to Gary and his dedicated team plus everyone else involved in all the shows, it truly is a team effort!

11 trophies from 4 shows is a good year. Well done #Teamtrewithen

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RHS Rosemoor main 1

Neil P, Apprentice Millie, Neil T

RHS Rosemoor main

Some of our prize winning Camellia entries.