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Aliens at Trewithen?

Magnolia trees boast an abundance of pink seed pods.

Last year there were only a handful of pods produced by the numerous Magnolia, this year it is a completely different story with many of the trees covered in large splashes of pink almost like tubular pink blossom.

Trewithen Head Gardener, Gary Long, described them as looking distinctly alien but adding a whole new level of colour to the garden.

He said: "Last year I could count on one hand all the seed pods in the whole garden, this year we've so many its amazing."

The large lumpy pink seed pods are expected to continue adorning the trees for the next few weeks, which will give visitors an ideal opportunity to see them.

“There is an old wives' tale that says when Mother Nature fills her pantry she's predicting a hard winter ahead. I don't know how true that is but I can't remember seeing anything like this at Trewithen before.”

Gary Long

Sunlight shining through grasses at the Trewithen Estate in Cornwall

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